A message from Conor McCallagh

Conor McCullagh started his career in makeup effects in 1990. Raised in Vancouver, Canada, he moved to Los Angeles as there were few opportunities in Canada at the time. Conor started out making large scale foam sculptures and molds for animatronic theme park characters before getting a foothold in film and television. By 1993, Conor was the creature supervisor for season 2 of the “Mighty Morph’n Power Rangers”. From there, he moved onto feature films like “Mars Attacks”, “Freddy vs Jason” and “Seed of Chucky”.


In 2011, Conor McCullagh became the first champion of the international hit television series “Face Off”. A makeup series that pits artist against artist in a series challenges that test the competitiors knowledge and skills in prosthetic and character makeup. That victory led to Conor being invited to work with Face Off judge and 3 time Oscar winner, Ve Niell. In 2015 Conor received an award for best character/ period makeup for Mockingjay1, under department heads Ve Niell and Nikoletta Skarlatos.


Conor McCullagh ended 2015 as department head of prosthetic makeup for the new Cinemax television series “Outcast”.

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